Alexandra Lindner

I support you in becoming an expert in Lean Six Sigma who unites, inspires, and drives teams! With our guidance, you'll not only master the principles of Lean Six Sigma but also cultivate the leadership skills necessary to effectively communicate your strategic vision and motivate your team toward success.


Welcome ... Your Gateway to Exceptional Business Processes and Successful Project Execution!

As a seasoned Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, I don't just understand the challenges entrepreneurs and seminar seekers face when navigating the world of Lean and Six Sigma—I've conquered them. Join me on a journey where learning meets entertainment, and together, we'll transform obstacles into opportunities for growth and success.

man in white dress shirt sitting beside woman in black long sleeve shirt
man in white dress shirt sitting beside woman in black long sleeve shirt
Are you eager to design more efficient processes but unsure where to begin?
Or perhaps you've already embarked on a training journey but are encountering hurdles in project completion or successful implementation?

Are you ready to...

... take ownership of the success of your projects?

... turn perceived challenges into real opportunities?

... embrace and embody Lean and Six Sigma principles, inspiring others along the way?

... lead by example in process optimization, becoming a role model for others to follow?

... see nothing but room for improvement and innovative solutions?

... stand up for your quality standards and swim against the tide of inefficient processes?

... do what impresses others and leads to great project outcomes?

... become an exceptional Lean Six Sigma leader who truly makes a difference?


Bright living room with modern inventory
Bright living room with modern inventory

Our expertise lies not only in facilitating your entry into Lean Six Sigma, but also in ensuring that you achieve your goals. We are more than just consultants - we are your partners on the journey to sustainable success. Through motivational leadership, empathetic understanding, and a touch of entertainment, we make the process not only effective, but also enjoyable



What We Do


  • Change Management especially for Small and medium-sized enterprises.

  • From knowledge to ACTIOn through a high implementation level (online / offline)

  • Training & Consulting

  • Kata / Kaizen / CIP

  • Shopfloor management

  • etc.

  • Training for Yellow-, Green- and Blackbelts

  • Project support

  • Implementing Six Sigma & Rollout

“Completing the Six Sigma project with Alexandra was an incredible experience for me. The course was well-structured and provided me with a comprehensive understanding of the Six Sigma methodology and various statistics tests to prove the theory with data. The training was conducted by Alexandra who is undoubtedly an experienced professional, and she was able to provide real-world examples and practical applications of the concepts in a data driven approach. The course was challenging considering the statistics involved, but Alexandra was always available for guidance and support. I was able to apply the knowledge I gained, thanks to Alexandra for such detailed sessions, which resulted in significant improvements in efficiency and quality. Overall, I would highly recommend taking this course with Contales to anyone looking to improve their skills and knowledge in Six Sigma.”

Mandeep Lubana,
SoftwareOne New Mexiko/Toronto
Process Manager (P2P)

„Kompetent, kundenorientiert, flexibel, kommunikativ – mehr muss man nicht sagen, um den Service zu beschreiben, welchen wir von Alexandra Lindner erhalten haben. Es war uns eine besondere Freude ein internationales Team aus verschiedenen Ländern und Zeitzonen durch Sie trainieren zu lassen. Im Ergebnis können wir feststellen, dass unser Quality Management zusätzliche Mehrwerte in Form von Verbesserungen und Einsparungen für das Unternehmen liefert.“

Andreas Gerber-Helm
SoftwareOne GmbH Leipzig Deutschland
Global Service Owner Quality Analyses & Standard Management

„Frau Alexandra Lindner unterstützt uns seit Jahren in der Weiterentwicklung von LEAN am Standort. Sie hat bei uns erfolgreich Shop Floor KATA eingeführt und ist gerade dabei, alle Aktivitäten in einer umfassenden LEAN-Kultur zusammenzufassen. Wir schätzen Alexandra Lindner aufgrund Ihrer Kompetenz und Erfahrung, als auch aufgrund Ihrer positiven, kommunikativen Art, mit der Sie alle Mitarbeiter im Haus erreicht und motiviert.“

Thomas Reindl
Standortleiter / Site Manager
CERATIZIT Besigheim GmbH

Customer Reviews

„In my opinion, Statics are very hard to like, but Thanks to Alexandra I’m glad to tell, that I loved it and I want to learn more about it. Thanks for this excellent training, I learned a lot and I am sure all my colleagues agree with me. It was a great pleasure to have a training week full of knowledge and fun with and I am going to use what I’ve learned in my job. I hope that we meet in future trainings.“

Saeed AlGhafri
Supervisor,SC Production
LAHAB Abu Dhabi

Let's work together to take your projects to the next level, ensuring that you not only arrive but reach the pinnacle like a high-speed racing car. Begin your journey to outstanding efficiency and operational excellence with Contales today.

Let's do this together.


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person using laptop computer beside aloe vera